Arches, Arbours & Pergolas

Adding pergolas, arbours or arches to your outdoor space offers a stylish and functional way to add additional seating or shelter to your garden while also creating a decorative focal point. As our range of garden pergolas, arbours and arches are available in a selection of styles to suit any type of outdoor space, giving you options to create your perfect outdoor experience.

Installing one of our garden arbours creates that secluded and peaceful seating area to escape the demands of modern life. While also adding support for climbing plants and a shaded area for the summer months. Alternatively, our wooden pergolas offer a dynamic hosting area, which can be quickly transformed to match most garden part requirements. In the winter months, they can act as additional garden storage with simple roofing added. Our garden arches offer a simple but effective way to add additional colour or decor to a garden path or can be an attractive feature if paired with hanging baskets, climbing plants or plant pots.

Each of our garden structures is constructed from durable and pressure-treated wood you can be assured that they are resistant to the impact of weather conditions all year round. Furthermore, our products are supplied as a flat pack and are easy to assemble, however, we do also offer a fitting service if required.




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Apex Arbour

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Elite omega top arch

Elite Omega Top Arch

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Flat top arch

Flat Top Arch

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Omega Top Arch

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Pergola Accessories – Rail 2.1m

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Pergola Accessories – Rail 2.7m

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Pergola Accessories – Rail 3.6m

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Pergola post 2.7m

Pergola Accessories -Post 2.7m

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Rose Arch

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