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6 weeks

Woodlands Log Cabins
10 - 12 weeks

Albany Sheds
4-5 weeks

Buildings with hardwood
doors & windows
Not available for purchase
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1 week

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Popular Products

  • feather-edge-board 0.9m

    Feather edge board brown 0.9m H

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  • Postmix

    Postcrete 20KG

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  • Waney lap panel 1.83 x 0.9m

    Waney Lap 1.83m x 0.9m

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  • feather edge panel 1.83 x 1.8m

    Framed Feather Edge Panel Brown 1.83m wide x 1.8m high

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  • concrete recessed gravel board

    Concrete Recessed gravel board 1.83m W x 0.3m H

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  • Feather edge panel brown 1.83 x 1.5m

    Framed Feather Edge Panel Brown 1.83m wide x 1.5m high

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Commercial Services

Lemon Fencing offers security fencing installation across Essex and for a range of applications and businesses. No matter your type of business, we have a fencing solution to suit you.

Commercial Security Fencing

We offer a number of different fencing services within a number of different industries. Please click this box to learn more.