Pre-Installation Advice

Pre-Installation Advice

Please find listed below a few points of advice/guidelines which we recommend all our clients consider before and during any contract.

  1. If you are in any doubt about which fence belongs to you, then you should check your deeds or check with the Land Registry. If the fence line is marked with a ‘T’ on your side of the fence line, then this will mean it is your responsibility. 
  2. As a general rule, fences in rear gardens are allowed to be 2m high and 1m high where they meet the footpath. If you are unsure, please check with your local planning authority.
  3. The responsibility of the fence line and height of the fence remains with the customer.
  4. Always let your neighbour know that you are replacing your fence and a start date of when this will be done. This will allow them to remove anything of theirs from the fence/fence line to avoid any damage to their property.
  5. There is no law that says the ‘good side’ or ‘smooth side’ should face towards your neighbour.
  6. Any vegetation that encroaches the fence line from the neighbour’s side should be cut back by themselves. If not, Lemon Fencing will only cut back what’s necessary and leave the waste with the neighbour – if not stated otherwise.
  7. On sloping ground, it will be necessary to ‘step’ the panel fences in relation to the ground. Fences cannot always be kept level. 
  8. Please advise us verbally or provide written notification/drawings for any underground pipe-work or cabling.
  9. If you are having any gates with your order then, please be aware that these only have a base coat treatment. We would recommend that you treat your gate as soon as possible after installation with a good quality wood preserver that repels water. Timber is a natural product and will be subject to movement and weather as it seasons, especially in the summer months when temperatures fluctuate. It is common for wooden gates to warp and or twist, we can only take steps to minimise this. We advise that bolts are used at the top and bottom sections of the gate to decrease movement in the gate.
  10. Please ensure that you are on site on completion to confirm the work has been carried out to your satisfaction. This will validate your guarantee.
  11. If there is a dispute between adjoining neighbours whilst we are on site then we may leave the works until a later date. Any loss of working time can be charged against the original deposit paid.

Deposits & Cancelling 

When is payment required?

On confirmation of your order, we would require a 30% deposit for securement of the works to take place. The balance is due on completion of works. Payment can be made over the phone or by BACS transfer.

How do I cancel my order?

Even with the best of intentions, things can happen that may put a project on hold. If you wish to cancel your fitting project then the following applies:

  • If you contact for our service over the phone or online, a 7 day cooling off period starts the day after you agree to go ahead with our service, unless the service starts within that time.
  • The lead name on the order must give written notice to cancel in the timescale above.
  • This can be via email to:-
  • Or posted to;-  Lemon Fencing LTD, Assendun Works, Lower Road, Hockley, Essex. SS5 5LD

In order to cover our reasonable costs, there is a set scale of charges for refund of deposits given as follows:

  • Cancellation of installation work 1-8 days before commencement = No Refund of deposit
  • Cancellation of installation work 9-15 days days before commencement = 25% Refund of deposit
  • Cancellation of installation work 16-22 days before commencement= 50% refund of deposit