Paint Advice

Paint Advice


What Protector should we use?


Our products are all Wood Stains that colour and create a waterproof coating to protect against the elements.

We do not include preservative chemicals in any of our Protek products as a lot of timber comes pre-treated. By separating out the preservative process it means we are not using chemicals unnecessarily thus giving the environment another helping hand.

After using our products, brushes can be cleaned just using water – no white spirit needed.

Shed & Fence 

  • Basic Economy stain
  • Water-based equivelant to other creosote type products
  • A traditional natural looking matte stain finish
  • Thin stain that soaks into the timber protecting the wood
  • The resins and waxes in it make it water-repellant
  • Product is suitable for vertical softwood surfaces
  • Repaint every year to maintan level of protection
  • Two coats advised

Wood Stain & Protector

  • Better quality product with higher levels of protection than Shed & Fence
  • A range of 36 colours from natural tones to primary shades
  • A soft, flexible wood stain coating that penetrates the timber creating a coating on top.
  • The resins in the stain makes it water-repellent
  • Suitable for vertical softwood surfaces
  • Lasts from 2-4 years depending on levels of wear & tear and exposure to the elements.

Royal Exterior

5L Royal Exterior
  • High-grade product superior to Wood Stain & Protector
  • Water-based equivalent to Ronseal type products
  • Opaque satin finish in 58 colours – paint doesn’t look as dense and thick as a wood paint
  • Stain penetrates timber and creates a coating on top
  • Acrylic resin & polyurethane from linseed oil make it highly water repellent and hard-wearing
  • Lasts 3-5 years depending on levels of wear & tear plus exposure
  • Suitable for horizontal & vertical surfaces plus softwood and hardwood