Gate Accessories

  • Digital Lock with Panic Latch – Mechanical code lock with aluminium housing and stainless steel mechanism with a panic latch replacing the standard handle.
  • Double Digital Lock – Mechanical code lock with aluminium housing and stainless steel mechanism. The Vinci requires no batteries or electricity, which makes it very easy to equip any gate with access control. The 20mm continuous adjustability of the bolts allows a perfect alignment of your locking mechanism. A solid stainless steel deadbolt with a 23mm throw guarantees a secure locking.
  • Standard Panic Latch – Push-set replaces the standard handle. One side blinded. Facilitates the opening of the lock with a push movement.
  • Panic Latch and Padlock Shroud – Fitted when your gate is manufactured, the shroud is an effective method of protecting the panic latch or padlock from being tampered with.
  • Bottom Hinge Self Close – The bottom hinge kit is specially designed for incorporating into gates for safe, reliable self-closing. Suitable for gates up to 120kg, no power required. The robust closer unit is fitted underneath the gate and also acts as a load-bearing lower hinge. Fitted in this position the closer is unobtrusive and highly vandal resistant.
  • Maglock – External Stainless steel flush magnet, with electronics internally protected. For fail safe use in harsh environments.
  • Standard Slide Bolt – Fitted as standard to every gate we manufacture unless specifying one of the locks listed in this section. The manufacture allows for a padlock to be fitted in one of two positions.
  • Locking Drop-bolt – Our Standard drop-bolt for securing the gate in either the open or closed positions.