We offer a range of anti-climb products along with all the appropriate fixings, designed offer excellent perimeter protection for your property.

Rotating Anti-Climb incorporates pairs of three point vanes assembled around a central fixed axis to present a freely rotating anti-scale obstacle. It is used in areas where vandalism or forced entry is a serious threat Our rotating anti climb is safe, approved by local authorities and maintains a visual, physical and psychological barrier.

Manufactured from a high tensile aluminium alloy, the system is lightweight (4kg per linear metre) allowing it to be installed in a large range of situations, and highly resistant to corrosion, which means the bright finish will last for the lifetime of the product.

The Razor Wire we offer is manufactured from galvanised steel strip, die-stamped to create razor sharp barbs at regular intervals and formed around a galvanised, high tensile, steel core wire. Razor wire comes in three formats; on a roll for single strand installations, as a flat wrap coil and as a concertina coil.

Razor Wire is effective as a secondary line of defence to prevent unauthorised access and is widely used to complement high security fencing, protecting military, government, utilities and commercial property.
WARNING: We are advised that normal and proper use of this product does not constitute an offence. So far as civil liability is concerned, property owners are entitled to take reasonable precautions to protect their assets – providing they do not set out to contrive a hidden trap for such purpose.

We would advise that warnings signs are to in place and visible where these products are in use.