Shed treatment – Golden Brown


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Shed & Fence Treatment- Golden Brown

Golden Brown Shed & Fence Stain is a beautifully warm shade that instantly transforms timber. The rich golden glow makes any timber product look that much more luxurious, whilst retaining a natural and traditional brown wooden depth.

This paint is low in odour and VOCs, and when its dried it is harmless to pets and plants. It is easily applied by a sprayer or brush and offers up to 12m2 per litre. Shed and fence stain protects against fungal and algai attack and is a waterproof wood stain that is long lasting and enhances the natural beauty of wood. For fencing one coat will colour and weather-proof with a second coat deepening the shade.

Protek Shed & Fence treatment is a cost effective wood stain that can be applied to planed (finished) as well as rough sawn timber. This wood stain contains wax additives for the extra protection of a water resistant coating. It is a high-build formulation meaning that each additional coat will increase the depth of the colour, leaving a thicker coating with a richer sheen. For sheds it is recommended that two coats be applied for the first treatment with only one coat needed for future maintenance.

Golden Brown

Shed & fence treatment can be sprayed or painted on rough or smooth timber. The coating is waterproof and contains wax additives for extra protection. Other colours available.

  • Ideal for : Fencing, sheds, trellis, pergolas, planters
  • Features: Water resistant,
  •  Environmentally friendly,
  • pet & plant friendly,quick drying,
  • easy water clean-up,
  • mould resistant coating,
  •  algal protection,
  •  natural finish,
  • quick drying,
  • low odour & lox voc,
  •  harmless to pets & plants,
  •  great coverage.  Will cover up to 60m2 per coat. (two coats recommended)
  • = approx 2 coats on 1 side of 10 fence panels

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